The lowdown on Lift The Movement's workshop

26 June, 2016

If you're into bodyweight strength and conditioning, and want to do crazy movements like muscle-ups, then you need to know about Lift The Movement (if you don't already).

It's run by two guys Angus and Elliot, who are legit and know their shit (seriously, we've never seen anyone do such slow, controlled muscle-ups). Their emphasis is on movement patterns, form, and core strength, which will help your performance in whatever sporting discipline you do (no judging if it's just because these movements look pretty sick). They offer three hour workshops where you master muscle-ups on the ring and bar, the front and back lever, and handstands. This sounded right up our street, so Fitty's Jamie and Laura headed down to see what they were all about. 

The workshop

At In2CrossFit in Clapham, we found ourselves amongst a group of buzzing 18 people, with many who had been to their previous workshops (always a great sign), and other newbies like ourselves. 

Split into two groups, with one starting on the bars and one on the rings, we learnt the golden nugget everyone needs to know: muscle-ups are all about technique. If you can do one high pull up, you can do a muscle-up. 

The movement itself was broken down into smaller sections. Once we'd learnt them all with precise technique, we put them all together. Fitty's James nailed it first time. And Laura got it too (with the help of a resistance band).

Then we moved onto levers. Again, the strength and control of Angus and Elliot is sickening. And yes, James nailed it. Again. Everyone got full-on support, with the boys tweaking your form by the millimeter to get it right, and teach you exactly what you need to work on to progress. 

After refueling (TIP: take some kind of snack, because you work HARD and will need a boost!), we went onto handstands. To do a good handstand with great form (unlike 90% of what you see on social media) is hard. Really hard. And so we learnt from the basics up, with movements and stretches to build a good foundation of strength and flexibility before progressing. 

The takeout

This workshop wasn't like any we'd done before, and we left having learnt more than we ever did during an entire year of school. You'll get an individual crit at the end of what you need to work on, so you can go away and practise until you can nail the movements. 

We can't recommend these workshops highly enough. If you want to check them out, follow @lift.themovement on Instagram, and or hit up their website here.

Peace out.






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