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Barry's Bootcamp

08 March, 2016

Barry's this, Barry's that. Everyone raves about Barry's, and guess what – you're going to hear about it some more because we've popped our Barry's cherry (and we LOVED it). 

Known as 'the best workout in the world', Barry's is the stuff of legend. A workout that's worshipped by the A-list, burns 1,000 calories in an hour, and whips torsos into shape like no other. It arrived from the US in 2013, and there's now two London studios: Central (163 Euston Road) and East (2 Worship Street). 

the workout.

We hit up a full body session on Saturday with Shane Belcastro, one of their epic trainers. Like all their classes, we mixed up strength training and HITT – weighted squats, chest press, biceps curls and burpees – with intense cardio on the treadmills (which, FYI, are the same type used by the Navy Seals).

When you think you can't sprint any further or lift another weight, there's another round left. The music was loud and on point, spurring us on to dig deep and give everything. And we gave EVERYTHING. 

Two days later and DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) are in full swing. And it feels so good. It's definitely one of the city's toughest workouts, and as regulars tell us, its changed their physiques more than anything else they've tried. A fat burning, muscle building, god-sent workout. Oh, and one of Team Fitty went back the following day and worked out next to Harry Styles.

the digs.

Barry's has got the premium vibe going on with chic industrial concrete flowing throughout. It's Fuel Bar serves up amazing post-workout shakes (Not yo' Average Joe is our favourite) which you can order before your class, so it's waiting for you when you finish. Trust us – you'll need it. 

The changing rooms are pretty sweet too. You get complimentary towels, the showers are stocked with Malin+Goetz products, and you've got hairdryers and GHDs for when you finish. 


the dollar.

Each class is £20, but if you buy a bulk pack they work out a bit cheaper. Every now and then there's something called #HellWeek where you do one class a day for seven days, for £85. We're signing up to the next one *gulp*. Check 'em out here.



1. Be prepared to be beasted.

2. Book in advance as their classes fill up super quick.  


They say you never forget your first time at Barry's. We certainly haven't.  


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