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We're Fitty London and we think you're pretty sexy too

 To feel and look amazing, we believe you need to match a nutritious diet with serious sweat sessions. Because when you’ve got your nutrition on point, you can perform better – physically and mentally. And we’ve created Fitty to help you do just that. 

It’s the monthly fitness box that lets you discover the hottest fitness foods and workout products – from protein powders and superfoods to resistance bands and muscle rubs (check out our past boxes here). Find your new favourites. Devour them. Train with them. And discover how incredible your body is designed to feel.

We promise to bring you an amazing selection of health and fitness products that you wouldn’t normally find or try. Expect the big brands that grace the health shop shelves down to the just-launched start-ups you haven’t heard of – yet. All packaged in our iconic box and delivered to your doorstep. And the best part: it’s a complete surprise until you open it. Uh-huh, it’s like your birthday every month. 

And that’s not all. We bring you the lowdown on the fitness scene on our blog. From reviews of the latest healthy eateries and boutiques on the block, to interviews, recipes – and more. 


The woman behind the brand

Laura Fullerton is our founder and director. She’s a lover of all things fitness – from weighlifting to gymnastics and HIIT to reformer – and is fascinated by the impact different foods have on our bodies.

 And yes, her love for nutrition means she’s that girl who’s cried with happiness in WholeFoods, and regularly spends too much time reading papers on the link between nutrition and performance. Our story started when Laura was trying to put together a fitness food style hamper for a friend’s birthday, but realised it didn’t exist. Wishing there was an exciting, easy, and cost-effective way for people to discover new products, she decided to create it. And that’s how Fitty was born. You can read more about the inspiration behind our brand here.