We're Fitty London and we think you're pretty sexy too

We think your time and energy is best spent on your sweat game, not hunting through endless products, ideas and inspiration. That’s why we deliver a monthly edit of the hottest nutritional foods and training products on a need-to-know basis, to help you perform at your best – mentally and physically. 

Good nutrition isn’t just about feeling and look good: it can prevent 95% of disease. It’s that powerful. Working with nutritionists to cut through the crap, our signature boxes are helping drive the health and wellness movement. They’re the convenient, affordable and exciting way to discover the products to fuel your sweat game, fast. And the best part: each box is a complete surprise until you open it. Yup, it’s like your birthday every month. 

We’ll also connect you to the London fitness scene, so you know where to eat, sweat, what to wear while doing it, as well as exclusive interviews, recipes and more. 


The woman behind the brand

Do you really know how good your body’s designed to feel? That’s the exact question that got our founder, Laura Fullerton, buzzing. She’s fascinated by the impact nutrition has on our bodies and performance, and believes that food is the most powerful form of medicine. When she’s not crying with happiness while product testing (one of the benefits of running Fitty), you’ll find her training; from weightlifting to gymnastics and HIIT to reformer, she’s a fitness fiend.


Hello Fitty

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