The Yoga Box

Introducing our very first edition of The Yoga Box.

It's worth over £75, and has our curated edit of the most nourishing nutritional foods, drinks and lifestyle products to help you energise, recover, and reflect.

Whether it's a gift for yourself or a friend, it's the perfect way to deepen your practice and make some time for yourself. 

** LIMITED TIME ONLY: Get two complimentary tickets to the OM Yoga Show with every box**
Valid for single day entry on the 19th, 20th, or 21st October. We'll email you the link to download your tickets. 


Vitness Collagen (worth £39.95)  / BULK POWDERS™ Vegan Protein (worth £14.99) / Mio Skincare Liquid Yoga Space Spray / The Happiness Planner Food Journal (worth £10) / Pukka Turmeric Active Tea / humble warrior super plant elixir / Aduna Banana Boost Baobab Bar

The line up

Mio Liquid Yoga Space Spray: with its dream-inducing blend of essential oils, this is your rapid mood changer to destress and rebalance (and it’s one of our most-recommended products). 

BULK POWDERS® VEGAN SERIES™: enjoy a full-size 500g bag of this delicious blend of five premium protein sources: pea, brown rice, pumpkin, flaxseed and quinoa. Each serving has 23g of protein to help your muscles recover after your practise. 

Humble warrior super plant elixirs: sip on eastern wisdom with this delicious Ayurvedic-based drink. It combines super plants including adaptogens, to help bring balance and fight stress.

The Happiness Planner Food Journal: writing things down is remarkably gratifying. This is a brilliant way to plan your meals, and stick to a healthier, more nutritious life. 

Vitness Collagen: meet Intelligent skincare from within. This beautiful supplement contains marine collagen, super antioxidant, astaxanthin, and more to increase your skin’s firmness, decrease wrinkles and dehydration in four weeks.

Pukka Turmeric Active Tea: take a time out with this spicy and invigorating blend – it’ll have you feeling supple and centred in a golden blaze of organic glory. 

Aduna Banana Boost Bar: supercharged with African baobab fruit, this chewy banana-filled goodness is perfect for when you need a hit of energy before you hit the mat. 

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