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Sweet tooth? Modern Nature's Liquid Stevia is for you

23 May, 2016

We need to talk. About sugar. 

Sure, we know it's terrible for us and we should cut down, blah blah blah. But some foods and recipes (and our hearts...) demand sweetness, right? You might wanna take a seat, because we have the magical answer to the I-want-sweetness-without-the-sugar problem: liquid stevia. 

This brand new product from Modern Nature is the very first liquid stevia sweetener on the market – and you'll find one inside The Austin Box this May *pats ourselves on the back*. 

It's zero sugar, zero calorie, 100% natural and has no effect on your sugar levels. The awesome bottle is perfect for taking on the go, and you can use it in drinks (think cocktails, mocktails and teas and coffees), dressings, bakes, raw treats and everything from porridge to smoothies.

But why is it better than other sweeteners and stevia granules, we hear you cry? Vanessa, the lovely lady behind Modern Nature, spent two years developing their special recipe, which isolates the sweetest parts of the stevia leaf, so they don't need to add the artificial ingredients you find in other sweeteners. And because it's a liquid state, it doesn't need the bulking powders you find in granules. Yup, it's the dream. 

Below are a handful of ideas of sugarless wonders you can create, and you'll find the recipes and more inspiration in their Taste Book. Trust us, if you have a sweet tooth, you need this product. 

Happy eating,
Team Fitty




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