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The lowdown on 1Rebel

09 January, 2016

Hands up if you've had your ass handed to you at 1Rebel? Holaaaaaaaa.

Your head must have been buried in the sand (why is that a saying? Why would anyone do that?) to have missed the 1Rebel hype.

But if you have, fret not, my friend. It's one of the hottest boutiques on the block with two locations in East London, and they offer three classes: Ride, Reshape and Rumble. Of course, we've tested them all. And we'll tell you this for free: they don't fuck about. 

Reshape is an absolute killer. You'll be switching up four minute intervals on your treadmill with four minutes on your own (epically cool) bespoke bench. Think four minutes isn't long? Welcome to the longest 240 seconds of your life (yeh we can count). 

Then there's Ride – the spin class (sorry, 'we don't spin, we ride'). And how else are you supposed to get pumped and give it 110% than with a live DJ, awesome lighting AND special spin shoes that are near impossible to walk in? Luckily, they have all of the above. We went to their first Hip Hop class, yo. It was epic. 

And then there's Rumble, the newest addition. It's an intense cardio, boxing and mixed martial arts battle between you and a punch bag. We guarantee you will SWEAT and glow with endorphins after. And we're not saying that it's a fool-proof way to get a six pack, but ours we're popping after. 


But let's cut to what you're really thinking, what are the changing rooms like? A dream. They're a fucking dream. You want cold lavender-infused towels? You got them. Hair products and skincare? Got your back.

And girls: Hollywood dressing tables that make you feel like you're living THAT secret fantasy where you're being styled by five people backstage as you practise your Oscar acceptance speech and you're trying to ignore the continuous calls from Liam Hemsworth because NO LIAM I DON'T WANT TO GO OUT WITH YOU. Yeh, they didn't make us think that either. Anyway...

What we really mean, is that you can get sweaty, shower, and leave without thinking "shit I forgot my hair stuff" and then sheepishly avoid looking people in the eye for the rest of the day.


Once that's over, there's Roots and Bulbs, the in-house refuel bar stocking the usual suspects: smoothies, juices and healthy snacks. We haven't eaten so can't comment on the food, but we've had many smoothies, which are named after their trainers ('Pierre' is pretty damn sexy).

1Rebel isn’t for the faint hearted. But we love it. We love it so hard. If you haven't been yet, check out their site.

Peace x

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