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neat nutrition protein ice cream

neat nutrition protein ice cream

20 November, 2015

protein ice cream made with zero sorcery

There are normal days. And then there are days when you decide to make healthy protein ice cream, which will be closely followed by your shit going missing. Because you’ll lose it. You’ll lose your shit. We know, we’ve been there too (let’s not talk about it). 

Usually when you hear the three beautiful words 'healthy ice cream' you're either being lied too (NO BEN & JERRY'S YOUR SHITTY FROYO HAS 92 GRAMS OF SUGAR IN IT) or there's black magic involved. Not this time. 

We've created ice cream that's-not-quite-ice-cream, but it tastes like ice cream, and it's good for you. Can we get an Amen? Oh, if you're thinking 'why do I want an ice cream recipe...it's winter' then let us tell you that ice cream knows no bounds. Summer? Ice cream. Netflix and chill? Ice cream. Post-workout? Ice cream. 


We're 80% proud and 20% embarrassed that we're pretty slap dash about these things. We like to chuck things into our Vitamix and hope for the best, so use the below recipe as a rough guide. We use Neat Nutrition protein because it's the absolute bomb. They use high quality ingredients and strip out all of the fillers and things you can't pronounce (and if you received The Blake Box, you'll have two sachets to try – what a coincidence!). 

  • 2 frozen bananas (cut into coins before freezing)

  • 1 scoop Neat Nutrition chocolate protein

  • 1 scoop Neat Nutrition BCAAs (you can skip this)

  • Good slug of coconut milk

  • Huge scoop peanut butter

Directions: throw it all into your blender for around 30 seconds (you might have to help give it a churn). Then put it inside your face. Does life get better than this? DOES IT?


get experimental

With frozen bananas as your base, you can put pretty much anything in. Nuts, seeds, superfood powders, chocolate. Or go fruity with vanilla or strawberry protein, and throw in some acai berry powder for fun (yeah, we never learnt how 'to fun'). 

If you try it, we'd love to see your pictures – tag us @fittyldn. 



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