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Life-changing protein hot chocolate

29 November, 2015

Hot chocolate 2.0

We know what you're thinking: "protein hot chocolate isn't life changing...jesus, reevaluate your life already". Well let us tell you, you need to try this recipe and reevaluate YOUR stance on hot chocolate. 

Whether you're looking for a way to get a bit more protein into your diet or try something new, this recipe is super easy and ridiculously delicious. We've used our favourite Neat Nutrition chocolate protein powder (AND added raw cacao powder because we’re pigs) but you can use vanilla protein powder too. You lucky lot who snapped up our Launch Box will have two sachets to use – and you can find out more about their protein here.


recipe for two

- Two mugs of homemade cashew mylk (or you can use any nut mylk or usual milk)

- 1 scoop Neat Nutrition protein powder

- 1 heaped tsp cacao powder

- Cinnamon stick to serve, if you're being fancy

If you have a Vitamix (best thing in the world, right?) or blender that heats, pour in your cold mylk and blitz on high until it's hot. Then add in the protein powder and cacao and blend for 20 seconds until it's silky smooth. Pour into the cups, add the cinnamon stick, and reevaluate your stance on hot chocolate. 

If you don't have a blender, no sweat. Heat your mylk using a saucepan, and when it's hot, add in your protein powder and cacao powder and whisk until it's super smooth. 



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