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the new product from Deep Heat

13 March, 2016

Deep Heat muscle massage roll-on lotion

Hands up if you've got tight knots? After working out it's possible that you'll feel tightness in your muscles – whether you skipped your cool-down so you could get to work on-time or you forgot to warm up before hand, it happens. And we've found a product that could help when it does!  

Deep Heat has recently launched a new non-medicinal product: Deep Heat Muscle Massage Roll-on Lotion. When we tried it we knew it would be perfect for Fitty, and HUZZAH, there's one in every Maxwell box this month!

It comes in a 50ml no-mess, roll-on bottle and is the perfect addition to your gym bag (and as one of Team Fitty discovered last month, it's ideal for taking on the slopes). And we're slightly obsessed with the scent! 


Here's how it works

It offers drug free, warming relief, which helps boosts blood flow and muscle mobilisation by combining the benefits of massage and heat to your muscles. Along with loosening and softening muscles so they move more easily, it can also help realign muscle fibres and ease and release knots. Winning.

That means it's great to use pre and post-exercise on any tight areas. At Fitty HQ we've been using it for tight calves and knotted shoulders!

Let us know if it's working its magic on you too, 

Team Fitty



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