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The Organic Protein Company

20 February, 2016

When we first came across The Organic Protein Company we fell in love with their story. 

Founded by Daniel Whitehead, it was his relentless mission to bring organic whey to the UK (and you can find out more about his bumpy journey to make it happen here!). They use whey from cows who roam in the open on unpolluted, organic pastures. And because their farmers never use artificial fertilisers, antibiotics, pesticides, hormones or GM feed, you won’t find any sketchy things in their protein.

And what we love most is that they donate 25p to Compassion for World Farming AND plant a tree for every bag sold. Naww. 

Now, the product. It comes in 400g bags and it's unflavoured, which means you probably won't want to drink it on it's own with water or milk. BUT it's brilliant for adding to foods and recipes without changing the flavour or overpowering it. This way, the added protein is the steady baseline not the star of the show (we can make up our own analogies, right?). 

You can flavour it yourself which makes it super versatile, so if you want a peanut butter and banana smoothie one day then a berry-based one the next, you've got it covered in one product.  

Some people love unflavoured protein because it's purer, as you don't have the added sweeteners, flavourings and additives which reduce the protein content (only by a very small amount). 

We've put two sachets in every Felix Box this February, so you can experiment with it yourself. We've created protein pancakes (which were light, fluffy and everything you could ever want from a pancake) and the below smoothie...

organic blueberry smoothie

Well this was just a little delicious! We used one banana, 1.5 cups frozen blueberries, a sachet of Organic Whey Protein, 1.5 cup coconut water, and half a teaspoon of bilberry powder, and blended it all together. Diiiiiiiiivine! 



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