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Fitty x Again Faster x Crossfit Thames

13 February, 2016

Forget skipping as a kid, speed ropes are on another level. Used religiously by boxers, athletes and Crossfitters, they’re the don for conditioning, agility, and footwork – and boy can you expect a challenge.

Have you ever seen Muhammad Ali going for it? He's one of the best jump roping big men in ring history. And even today if you step inside a boxing gym, you'll hear the rhythmic slashing of ropes against the floor, because the key to throwing a heavy punch is having a solid base under your torso, and moving your feet in the proper manner. And speed ropes are crucial for building speed (no way!), footwork and endurance. So it's no surprise that they're widely used by all kinds of athletes and trainers for conditioning too.

inside the felix box

What a coincidence that we're talking about speed ropes – there's one in The Felix Box! It's made by Again Faster – an awesome company who fit out all kinds of gyms with their equipment – and it's their most popular rope that's used by tens of thousands of CrossFit athletes worldwide. This adjustable rope’s designed for fast wrist turnover, so you can nail double unders and all kinds of skills. And as we've recently discovered, skipping's harder than it looks *hides bruises on legs*. 

when fitty went to crossfit thames

We went to see the guys over at CrossFit Thames. It's an epic gym, and holy sh*t do they hit beast mode (and then some). Checkout our film (at the top) that shows one of the guys progressing through some various skills and footwork. If you've bought The Felix Box and have got your mitts on one of these ropes, we want to see your talent.  

win a 400g bag of the organic protein company's protein

That's right – if you tag us in your skipping video on Instagram @fittyldn and use the #HelloFitty hashtag, you could win a 400g of protein from The Organic Protein company. We've got two to give away, so get moving. 

Peace out,
Team Fitty x






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