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21 June, 2018

Workout anytime, anywhere.

Now you can stream world-class workouts to your living room, office, hotel room and more with Boxx. Whether it’s boxing, cardio, strength or yoga, this time-saving solution is brilliant for city workers and stay-at-home mums alike.

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We’ve caught up with co-founder, Anna Samuels, to find out more. 


Q: Boxx is amazing! What made you start it?

A: Thank you so much! It was becoming a mum and realising I no longer had child-free time to go and workout. As well as realising that despite boxing training becoming increasingly popular offline, there didn’t seem to be any online boxing specific workouts I could do, so I thought, why not create one!


Q: How did you fall in love with boxing?

A: Well, I actually fell in love with kickboxing aged 11. I still remember my first ever class. Since then I trained at various different places around London both kickboxing and boxing, but found it difficult to find somewhere that wasn’t intimidating or just throwing some punches to music. So, I was so happy when the boutique boxing scene came about as you could get a proper training session in a welcoming surrounding.


Q: What’s been the highlight of launching Boxx so far?

A: The challenge and opportunities that have come with it. Starting your own business always presents lots of challenges and I love a challenge! Plus the fitness industry is an exciting place to be at the moment, as it is growing so quickly so you never get bored and am always definitely kept on my toes!


Q: Was it scary launching a fitness business, having not been in the industry before?

A: Yes! But it definitely helped having a business partner who is experienced in the industry. What we both found pretty daunting though, was the online aspect side of the business, as it is a completely different ball game to a bricks and mortar business.


Q: Does nutrition play a large role in your training?

A: When it comes to food I just try to keep it simple and eat wholesome, fresh food where I can, and avoid processed food where possible. When you eat well you feel better, so I try and remember that. Plus, I'm a sucker for a piece of cake – especially homebaked, but least then I know what has gone into it!


Q: Who inspires you?

A: Professionally, my dad. He is where I got my entrepreneurial spirit, drive and determination.

Personally, working mamas everywhere! Juggling work, business and family and keeping all the balls in the air, ain’t no joke. There isn’t a right or wrong way to do it so I am constantly inspired looking at all the amazing mamas around me and seeing if I can learn from them!


Q: We’re big believers in morning rituals – how do you start your day?

A: I’m lucky in that my daughter doesn’t get up until about 8am so if I don’t have to be out of the house for an early meeting or at the office, I like to get up an hour beforehand to set myself up for the day whether that be to do a boxing working to give me an energy boost, a yoga flow to still my mind or just getting ahead with some work. If I allow myself this time, the day definitely goes a lot better!


Q: What’s your biggest accomplishment?

A: Launching Boxx when my daughter was 9 months old, at the same time as returning to my part time job after my maternity leave! The last few years have been far from easy, but I have definitely grown the most than I have ever done both professionally and personally and learnt so much!


Q; What’s the best advice you’ve been given?

A: Haha – by my two year old self. My first sentence was ‘I can do it’, and I find that whenever I come against a roadblock or a drop in confidence, I channel my inner two year old and tell myself ‘actually, do you know what, I can do it!’ Its amazing the power self-belief can have!


Q: What are you top three fitness tips for everyone?

A: 1. Find a workout style/routine that suits you. It isn’t one size fits all!

2. If time is an issue find ways to incorporate exercise into your day, whether it's an at home workout vs going to the gym, or upping your step count instead of that 5k run, or maybe even just dancing like no one is watching around the living room, just get moving…your body and mind will thank you for it!

3. Listen to your body! What does your body need? To destress, get stronger or completely unwind? Then match your workout to suit that.



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