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Fitty x Charles Worthington: a Healthy Balance

28 February, 2019

 The Charles Worthington Healthy Balance Box  

The professional haircare brand, Charles Worthington, asked us to create bespoke boxes for the press launch of their new range: Healthy Balance. 

Let us enlighten you with this: the range is incredible! Genuinely. Our founder, Laura, has been using it for a few months, and says:


"You know sometimes your hair just looks great once you've washed and dried it, but you don't really know why? I get that every time when I use this range – and it lasts for days. I don't need to wash my hair so often, and it's replaced the more expensive products I've been using, which is a massive plus!

The dry shampoo has been a god send for after the gym. When ideally I'd wash it but don't have time, this will let me go straight to meetings feeling good about how my hair looks, rather than continuously touching it and worrying that it's greasy!" 



 A closer look at the collection 

Healthy Balance Harmonising Shampoo

For combination hair, this is your new saviour! SmartRoot complex will restore your hairs natural balance from root to tip. It instantly balances excess oils and improves the condition of the scalp with controlling Lactic Acid and Rose Clay, so dry ends are sealed and the condition is visibly improved – all in just one use.

Healthy Balance Dry Ends Conditioner

This wonder conditioner is also enriched with SmartRoot complex technology to specifically target dry ends, sealing down the oldest part of your hair in just one use. The Lactic Acid and soothing Rose Clay control excess oil at the root, leaving your hair silky soft to touch and fresher for longer. And it smells heavenly!

Healthy Balance One Day Longer Dry Shampoo

#RestoreSomeBalance for one day longer, with this light-as-a-feather invisible formula. Infused with balancing Rose Clay, it gives hair that freshly washed feeling without a powdery build-up – all with a natural satin shine finish and that super fresh look.


 Unbox the rest of the box 

For added healthy balance, we handpicked some brilliant products for this beautiful box. 

Mio Liquid Yoga Space Spray

With its dream-inducing blend of essential oils, this is your rapid mood changer to destress and rebalance. One spritz on your pulse points, yoga mat, pillows and more, will create an instant oasis of calm. If you love it as much as we do, use code ‘FITTY15’ to get 15% off. Namaste.


Natalia Botanicals Adaptogen Elixir 

These magical adaptogenic blends are inspired by the philosophy of using ancient wisdom, Ayurvedic superherbs and supermushrooms to influence your modern-life experiences. The Eternal Optimist blend's beautiful blend of Holy Basil, Ashwaganda, Schissandra Berry, Reishi, and Lion’s mane will enhance your mood, calm your nervous system, boost energy, and lower stress. Add it to your favourite hot or cold drink to fill your heart with euphoric liquid Savasana.


The Happiness Planner 

Whether it’s a to-do list or a journal, writing things down can be remarkably gratifying. And that’s why we love The Food Journal, which will help you plan your meals, live a healthier lifestyle and get that 'balance' we're all after. 


Aduna Boost Energy Bar 

If you need a hit of energy, tuck into this irresistible feast of chewy goodness – perfect before or after a workout! We love Aduna because every bar supports the creation of sustainable incomes for rural African households (that’s why they call them ‘snacks with purpose’). Craving more? Use ‘FITTYLDN’ to get 20% off.


Humble Warrior Super Plant Elixirs

The power of plants has been recognised for centuries in the East. And today, humble warrior is on a mission to make it easy for people to enjoy these incredible super plants. Created with Ayurvedic experts and UK nutritionists, their elixirs combine a selection of some of the world’s most prized super plants, to bring balance and help fight stress – much needed in today’s fast paced world.




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