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Core Glider ab workout

28 July, 2016

glide your way to a six pack

If you haven't had the pleasure of using core gliders, it's time you did. Don't be fooled by these little round disks – they offer a lethal ab workout you'll feel for days after. And YES we have a pair of Bear Grip core gliders  in The Baxter Box (worth £19.99)! They're double sided so work on carpet and wooden flooring – perfect for your gym, home or hotel room. We've pulled together nine moves to get you started. Whether you pick a few or do all of them, keep your core tight and tensed throughout. Diggidy. 


gliding knee tucks

gliding sit ups


gliding mountain climbers

gliding reverse plank pull through


gliding mermaids




ab glide out


gliding cross overs

gliding hamstring curls


gliding side lunge

Here are the little devils themselves...



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