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Wonky fruit and veg? Yes please.

07 August, 2017

Wonky fruit and veg...you don’t see that everyday, do ya? And that’s exactly why Alex and Jack decided to start Dash Water. Having come from farming backgrounds, they’ve both seen first-hand how much produce never even makes it to our plates. So they did something about it – naturally. 

At Dash they infuse British sparkling spring water with wonky fruit and veg, making a deliciously pure drink with #greattastenowaste. We’re big fans at Fitty, which is why you’ll find a can inside August’s box! We caught up with Alex and Jack to find out more...


Q: Congratulations on launching! Tell us a bit more: what’s your mission?

A: Thanks! At Dash we want to encourage people to drink more water as well as stop throwing away deliciously wonky fruit & veg.

Q: How did the idea come about?

A: We both come from farming backgrounds and have seen first hand 30% of the fruit & veg grown in the UK doesn’t end up on people’s plates. We looked for ways to use the fruit & veg which is discarded by the supermarkets for being misshapen and at the same time would infuse our own flavoured waters with wonky fruit & veg – Cucumber & Mint or Lemon & Lime - and thought why can’t we get anything like this on the market which has no sugar, calories or sweeteners; and so Dash was born...


Q: Where do your source your cucumbers and lemons?

A: Our wonky cucumber are sourced from Essex & our wonky lemons are from Sicily.


Q: How did you two meet?

A: We met and became good friends at our last place of work.


Q: Getting listed in Selfridges straight away is brilliant! What’s been the biggest highlight since launching?

A: Absolutely, Selfridges were an amazing partner to launch with. The biggest highlighthas been people enjoying our ethical mission, delicious flavours and branding.


Q: How do you stay motivated?

A: You can’t stand still in the food & beverage industry, with trends and tastes continually evolving you’ve got to keep moving quickly! 


Q: Making the leap to start your own business is scary. What advice would you give to anyone thinking about doing the same? 

A: Starting up is easy if you’re backing something you truly believe in. From the off we constantly tested our product to get feedback and improve. As the product is refined it gives more confidence to take the leap of faith!


 Q: Where do you see Dash going – what’s the ultimate dream?

A: We want to keep spreading awareness about the good stuff we do and build a fun and dynamic team to join our mission!


Q: Finally, what’s your favourite way to drink Dash?

A: Dash is best with lunch or post workout – however it tastes damn good mixed with Chase Gin and garnished with lime.


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