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Digme x Fitty: The 12 Digs of Christmas

11 January, 2019

 Digme x Fitty: finishing 2018 on a high  

If you don't know Digme yet, allow us to put them on your radar. They're a brilliant spin and HIIT studio with five locations across London, and their classes are the bomb. 

Digme know working out in December can be pretty tough (hello Christmas parties, endless  drinks and nibbles...), and that's why they launched The 12 Digs of Christmas. They challenged their clients to complete 12 workouts from 1st - 24th December, with the ultimate reward for anyone who stepped up: a Fitty box full of twelve health, nutrition and fitness treats to kickstart their 2019.


 "What's in the box" we hear you cry? 

01: Live Limitless Live Lean 

Meet your new pre-class energiser. Live Lean is a vegan complex of vitamins and minerals designed specifically to raise your metabolism and boost your energy levels, so you can keep spinning until the cows come home. 

02: This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray 

Maximise your recovery with this award-winning spray. Its natural aromatherapeutic blend of lavender, vetivert and camomile calms mind and body, and it’s proven to help you fall asleep faster and wake feeling more refreshed. 

03: SportFX Hand Cream

Whether you’re holding weights or hands, keep them silky soft and super soothed. We're huge fans of Sport FX's whole range, and the lucky people who got a Fitty box also got an exclusive 20% discount!  

04: Boundless Activated Nuts and Seeds

In their brand new flavour, these high protein nuts and seeds have been 'activated' (aka soaked in salty water to wash away the phytic acid, an anti-nutrient, and unlock all the enzymes and nutrients). Yum. 

05: Tenzing 

The folks behind Tenzing stumbled upon the natural energizer that fuels the Himalayan Sherpas’ Mount Everest expeditions. It resulted in this 100% natural energy drink, with just six ingredients, that’ll give you a refreshing pick-me- up.

06: Nude Spice 

This all natural, great tasting seasoning will bring bland dishes to life – perfect for your post-workout refuel meal! It’s gluten free, vegan friendly, and contains no refined sugars or preservatives like you find in many other spice blends. 

07: Whey'd Grass-Fed Protein 

Say hello to grass-fed, GMO-free, hydrolysed whey protein isolate, which contains 19% more BCAA’s than the UK’s leading whey protein. So replenish your muscles quicker after exercise, thanks to these super convenient sachets (perfect for pouring into bottles without spillages!). 

08: Aduna Boost Energy Bar

If you need a hit of energy, tuck into this irresistible feast of chewy goodness. We love Aduna because every bar supports the creation of sustainable incomes for rural African households (that’s why they call them ‘snacks with purpose’). ps. use ‘FITTYLDN’ to get 20% off! 

09: Doctor Wills Ketchup

When you love a dollop of ketchup with your food, but don’t want the 4g of sugar that comes with it, there’s Doctor Will’s. Their nutritious alternatives have a genuinely healthy dose of flavour, and they’re a permanent spot on our kitchen table! 

10: 15% off Sockla Socks

If you're reading this, we're afraid it's an exclusive code for people who got the box. But you can still check out their amazing range on the link above.

11: A complimentary buddy pass

Because working out's often better with friends, right? Again, this was an exclusive for the hard-workers who earned the box. 

12: Free smoothie or Veloforte Bar

You guessed it: more exclusives to help the lucky winners recover faster and finish their sweat session on a high.


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