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Dry January? Here's some mocktail #inspo.

21 January, 2017


Let's just lay this down: there are 52 weeks in a year. If you're doing Dry January, you've got four weekends to get through (technically five if you include the 1st which is a Sunday, so we're not). You've got this. 

We had a mocktail competition at Fitty HQ, so thought we'd share some alcohol-free #inspo with you. 


All hail the Virgin Bloody Mary.

This is actually a lot less effort than you'd think: straight from a bottle with added celery, black pepper and lime. It's Well&Truly's Refreshing Gazpacho Drink  – they're an awesome new company (who've just launched straight into WholeFoods we might add...congrats again guys if you're reading this!). It's packed with vitamin-rich tomatoes and other veggies all whizzed up with no sketchy ingredients, AND it counts as two of your five a day.
The taste test's winning description: "Omg it tastes like holidays in Spain...love love love." 


Espresso Martini

If you love these bad boys, our mocktail version is incredibly simple. We made espressos (you could just make strong black coffee), and waited until they'd cooled. Then we put them in a shaker with a ton of ice, and a bit of almond milk, a squirt of Modern Nature's Liquid Stevia and shook vigorously to form a foam. Job done.  
The taste test's winning description: "SHOTGUN I'm finishing this." 


Matcha Shooter / Green Russian

A bit like (read: a lot like) a matcha latte, but cold and even more delicious. We used a Pure Bodhi Morninga Matcha sachet (you'll find two in January's Fitty box) and added it to a tablespoon of hot coconut milk to form a paste, then blended the paste with cold coconut milk, and poured it over ice in a glass. We frothed the rest of our hot coconut milk and poured on top, because we're fancy. 
The taste test's winning description: "Yeah ok that's amazing." 


Pomegranate and mint mojito

"Have you just put pomegranate and mint in a glass?". Well, yeah pretty much, Sherlock. But we used fizzy water because we're gangsters, so who's laughing now. 
The taste test's winning description: "Nice, but nothing like a mojito." 



Damn delicious, but more effort as you need a juicer. We juiced carrots, beetroot, fresh ginger and half a lime, then mixed in some baobab powder by Aduna. Beetroot...martini...see what we did there? Huh? We'll let ourselves out. 
The taste test's winning description: "Zingy and earthy. That's actually way better than the last few juices I've bought from the juice bars." 


Blackberry and coconut cooler

Super simple. Throw some blackberries (or any kind of berries) into a glass with some ice and give them a good crushing with a spoon. Thinly slice cucumber and add to the glass, then top with coconut water. 
The taste test's winning description: "That's legit." 




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