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Big announcement: we're evolving

01 June, 2018

Targeted nutrition is coming

We believe that everyone deserves to experience how good their bodies are supposed to feel. And that’s why from day one, our mission has been to help people perform at their best, mentally and physically.

Our monthly health and fitness boxes have been a brilliant way to do this. And now, we’ve found a better, more relevant way to continue our journey.

When it comes to nutrition, we know one size doesn’t always fit all – it should be targeted to your fitness, goals and lifestyle. If you’re paleo, grains can see themselves out. But for runners, they’re a go-to for fuel and recovery. Biltong in a vegan box? No thank you. And for cyclists, a date-filled bar will help propel your cadence to a new level, but yogi’s don’t need that much glucose. An essential oil spray, however? Namaste.

We get it. We get you. And we’re launching something built around you…



As a teaser, think The Paleo Box, The Running Box, and more. They’re under wraps and being developed as you read this (and we're SO EXCITED!). To start, they’ll be a series of one-off boxes to keep things simple. Yup, that means no subscriptions – for now.



June's Fitty box was our last of our subscriptions (sob). We're a tiny team, and so we're taking a quick break while we gear up to launch our new format and range. 

We hope you’re as excited as we are, and thank you so much for your support in our journey so far.

With health and happiness,
Team Fitty x

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