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FaceGym: the most relaxing workout you'll have

04 July, 2016

Guess how many muscles we have in our faces? 40. Four zero. That’s a lot. And think about it – we go to the gym to tone and shape the muscles in our body, what about our faces? That’s the thought behind FaceGym – the non-invasive facial workout.

Based inside Selfridges, it’s the UK’s only gym studio for the face. Their ‘trainers’ use all kinds of muscle stimulation techniques – knuckling, kneading, pinching and high energy whipping strokes – to bring a fast and effective face-lift to anyone who wants to age gracefully, without pumping themselves full of Botox and fillers*. 

They offer a few different workouts, and our own Laura went down to try out ‘Yoga Face’, and here’s how it went down…


"Let’s just set the scene. A friend recently told me that I’m no spring chicken (her actual words included “haggard” and “wench”), so yeah, anything to enhance youth is pretty high on my agenda right now.

So I popped down to Selfridges and met my trainer who was lovely. Donning a funky hairnet, I laid back in the comfy chair and she cleansed my skin with the most delicious smelling balm, followed by an equally heavenly oil (I’m told these are specially designed by Alexandra Soveral, a reputable holistic facialist).

Then the 30-minute workout began. It started with a gentle massage (a bit like a warm-up) and turned into deep stretches that felt like they were elongating my muscles – in a good way. Once I got over the fact that other people were probably walking by and gawping (and who wouldn’t when you’ve got someone using two hands to pinch your lips together like a duck), I completely let go…and may have had a little savasansa. As she pinched and squeezed along my jawline, firmly swirled over my temples and stretched out my muscles, it felt like she really was contouring my face and easing away tension. I can totally see why it’s called Yoga Face.

Unlike a workout I was gutted when it finished, and just like a workout, I had that satisfied feeling and felt like my muscles was plumped and contoured. I’m slightly ashamed to admit that I’ve never had a facial before (one of my beauty-obsessed friend’s actually gasped at this) and will definitely be going back.

One thing’s for sure, it’s the most relaxing workout you’ll ever have."


Because we loved it so much and think you will too, you’ll find a VIP discount card that’ll give you 20% off advanced workouts in The Baxter Box this month! We’d LOVE to hear if you check them out – let us know!


* Hey, nothing against anyone who uses these! You can still enjoy FaceGym after Botox (wait 14 days) and fillers (wait 30 days).

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