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Meet Barry's trainer and model George Lloyd

08 November, 2017

Meet George Lloyd, Fitness Model and Barry’s Bootcamp Trainer 

 George is one of most ambitious personal trainers we know. His energy and positivity are addictive – and if you haven’t done one of his 9pm ‘Dedicated Hour’ Barry’s classes yet, you’re missing out! 


Q: Tell us a bit about your Barry’s journey: how long have you been training there and how many classes do you take a week? 

 A: So, the journey all started back in October 2016 when I started the training to become a Barry’s instructor. I'd just quit my steady office job to chase the fitness dream, so it was all a bit daunting! After months of training I taught my first official class in February, and haven’t looked back since. I try to take at least three classes a week myself, mainly because I love the style of training, and I teach classes most days.

Q: For people who are new to Barry’s Bootcamp, how would you describe one of your classes?  

A: The class is a mix of high intensity running and weight training. I like to bring the energy and positivity, and you can always expect an immense atmosphere in all the trainer’s classes.


Q: As well as helping others on their fitness journey, how do you ensure you’re always growing and expanding?

A: I like to constantly be challenging myself and trying new things, whether it be different training styles, fitness challenges or just surrounding myself with people that push me to be better. I think that's the key. 


Q: We’re big believers in morning rituals – how do you start your day?

A: PORRIDGE PORRIDGE PORRIDGE! First thing on my mind as soon as I wake is that protein porridge. 


Q: What brings you the greatest happiness in your life?

A:  Having people come up to me and say that because of me they were able to achieve something they didn’t think was possible. Whether that’s at Barry’s reaching a new personal best, or just improving their own mindset – for me that is the greatest gift in the world.


Q: What three things couldn’t you live without?

A: Protein (don’t judge!), family, and my dogs!


Q: What’s the best piece of fitness equipment you’ve bought?

A:  Strangely enough, my mobility band. Cannot recommend them enough, it has improved my training tenfold!


Q: Your favourite go to snack for energy? 

A: Either some protein porridge, mixed nuts, or fruit for sure. So easy to have on the go as well, which really helps a busy schedule. 


Q: Fitness is your life, but who inspires you?

A: It has to be the people around me, whether that’s family or the trainers at Barry’s - those guys really do inspire me every day to be the best version of myself. Everyone at Barry’s is a family and I love that.


Q: What's your Mantra? 

A: Look yourself in the mirror, remember why you are here, remember you will never live this moment again – so go get it.


Want to get sweaty with George? Book onto one of his classes at Barry's West here, and find him on Instagram @georgelloydfitness


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