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How to wash your workout gear

05 January, 2017


Working up a sweat has never been so hot.

Whether you're doing a WOD at your local box, spin at Psycle, or even just sporting the athleisure look at brunch (no judging), there's a hella selection of gym kit to choose from.

When it comes to legit performance gear (we're looking at the likes of you, Lululemon and Sweaty Betty), it's not style over substance. There's a lot of technology and innovation behind the fabrics, stitching, and pieces as a whole, which are designed to keep you comfortable and performing at your best. Naturally, the higher quality comes with a bigger price tag (don't our bank balances just know it...).

So when you're splashing out the big bucks on your kit, it pays to look after it. Make it last longer by caring for it properly with the below tips.

1. Don't hang about

Once you peel off your sweaty items, don't just leave them in a pile on your floor – the bacteria will grow and they'll start to smell. Get them in the wash asap. 

2. Flip it

Turn your clothes inside out to help protect colours – and seeing as that's where most of the sweat and grime build up, it makes sense. 

3. Keep it cool

Wash in cold 30ºc water. This protects the fibres and their elasticity, and with the right detergent, it still gets them squeaky clean and keeps them tight and bright.

4. Steer clear of fabric conditioner 

Yes, really. This is a golden rule. Especially if you pour in extra softener to make it smell delish, it leaves a coating that traps bacteria, dead skin, and creates an ideal environment for fungus...ewww. And as Ross, store manager of Lululemon Westfield, tells us, this coating stops the technical fibres from wicking away sweat as well as they're designed to.

In fact, the only thing we're washing our expenny kit in, is Mr Blacks Sport Wash. It's a detergent designed specifically for technical kit, made with all natural ingredients. As well as eliminating bacteria and odours, it has a beaut bergamot, geranium leaf and patchouli scent. Each bottle lasts 20 washes, and there's a full sized bottle in January's Fitty box (worth £13.50). Side note: they also make a Sports Refresh spray which is ideal for yoga mats, gym bags, and clothing when you can't get it in the wash. 

5. Dry au naturale

No one wants baggy, see-through kit. So avoid the tumble dryer, because the high temperature will break down the elasticity and destroy the fibres. Hell no.

6. Really smelly kit?

Then put the offending items in the sink or a bucket with water and some white vinegar for half an hour, before putting in the wash. 

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