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Meet Nutritional Therapist, Eve Kalinik

04 October, 2018

In the spotlight with Eve Kalinik: nutritional therapist and 100% foodie

We had the pleasure of meeting Eve through Symprove (the brilliant probiotic featured in The Paleo Box), and we just had to interview her. Eve’s a Nutritional Therapist, who’s helping people discover how food can make you feel brighter, lighter and full of vitality. Can we get an amen?

As a self-confessed gut enthusiast, Eve believes that maintaining good gut health is at the core of our health and wellbeing (and she’s even a published author with her first book, Be Good To Your Gut). So let’s find out more about this lovely lady…


Q: For people that don’t know, what is nutritional therapy?

A: In a nutshell it’s based on a naturopathic philosophy of supporting the individual and not focusing on the symptoms or disease. Fundamentally this means using foods and lifestyle factors to bring the body back into homeostasis or “balance”.


Q: What is it about the gut that fascinates you?

A: Where to start with this?! The fact that it has a crucial role in pretty much EVERY system of the body. As Hippocrates famously stated “all disease begins in the gut” and when you start to understand the function of the gut, you can see how this may well be the case.


Q: Is there a ‘usual’ type of diet or nutrition changes that you put clients on, or does it vary?

A: No. I believe that what works for one person won’t necessarily work for another. Sure of course I have my opinions and beliefs around nutrition more generally, and those may well be applied, but my approach is entirely bespoke to each and every one of my clients.


Q: What nutrition or lifestyle change has most impacted your life?

A: Understanding and appreciating the need for relaxation and stress management. Mindfulness has become a bit of a buzz word, but I believe it is entirely necessary.


Q: What’s your favourite health / biohack?  

A: No coffee after 2pm to support better sleep.


Q: What’s your morning ritual?

A: I have a morning ritual of watering my plants, having a warm water with lemon juice, turmeric and black pepper, and then either getting ready for some yoga or going to the gym. I wait until at least an hour after rising to eat breakfast and only after that start to check emails and start work for the day.

Q: Is sleep important to you?

A: Fundamental. As we learn more about circadian rhythms we understand how important good quality sleep is, and the effect it has on so many processes in the body. Point is that many people don’t sleep well, and that’s got a lot to do with our incessant addiction to devices.


Q: Are you a fan of fasting?

A: Yes and no. I think it really depends on the individual and their needs as well as lifestyle. Generally, I think fasting for 12-13 hours from dinner to breakfast for most people is a good thing.


Q: What’s your go-to meal?

A: It goes through phases and depends on my mood but organic (has to be!) roast chicken has got to be one of my comfort foods. If I need something quick then buttery stir fried courgettes, halloumi and a simple tahini dressing is a bit of a winner.


Q: What’s always well stocked in your fridge?

A: Organic butter.


Q: What food couldn’t you live without?

A: I don’t think we should be attached to anything including foods, but I would be disappointed to never have butter again, or indeed a cup of good coffee or a glass of natural red wine.


Q: You’re in town and you’re hungry. Where do you go?

A: Well my favourite places to eat are Terroirs, Spring, Eat Native, Noble Rot and Duck Soup.

Q: Who do you look up to?

A: Chris Kresser is someone that I very much admire and respect.


Q: Which podcast or book do you rate most?

A: I like The Joe Rogan podcast. Also Adam Buxton show. Book wise I’m reading Selfie by Will Storr at the moment, which is incredibly eye opening.


Q: What’s been your best purchase of £100 or less?

A: Hmm most recently a waffle maker. Legit the best and possibly the worst thing I bought…as in you can over waffle (if that’s a thing!).


Q: What were you doing an hour ago?

A: Writing my monthly REAL NUTRITION page for Psychologies Magazine.


Q: How do you treat yourself?

A: I think it’s important to give back to yourself on a daily basis. For me that could be making an effort to cook a best-loved meal, eating at one of my fave restaurants, going to my treasured coffee house and enjoying a cup whilst taking the world in around me without distraction, or it could be saving up for that coveted fashion piece – I used to work in fashion so will always have a penchant for something with sequins!


Q: Where’s your favourite place on earth?

A: Home, wherever that might be in the world…


Q: What do you think everyone could benefit from doing?

A: Probably being kinder to themselves.


Q: What’s the best piece of advice you were given?

A: Live every moment.


Q: What are you most excited about right now?

A: Working towards a potential second book.


All the beautiful images are from Eve's book, Be Good To Your Gut, which you can find on Amazon. Shot by Nassima Rothacker


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