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Fitty x Kobox: The Influencer Event

18 June, 2018

Boxing. Just not how you know it.

If you don't know Kobox yet, we're very happy to put them on your radar. They're a boutique boxing gym on Kings Road in Chelsea (and now with a second studio in the city) where fight club needs nightclub.

In their signature 50-minute high intensity classes, you'll tackle all the fundamentals of boxing, and they're fit for seasoned athletes and first-time boxers alike. Here it's time to let loose, clear your mind and get fit without getting hit.

The Fitty x Kobox Box

When our friends at Kobox put on an exclusive event for their brand ambassadors, and we collaborated to create bespoke Fitty boxes to make the perfect goodie bags. What was inside?

The Treble Pack

This is KOBOX's most popular class pack: three fat-burning, heart-pumping sessions.

KOBOX pro wraps

Anyone will know that gel wraps are a dream to slip on before class. But when you want to wrap your hands like a professional, these custom-made wraps are the one.

Live Limitless Live Lean

These fancy capsules are a vegan complex of vitamins and minerals designed specifically to raise your metabolism and boost your energy levels. This pre-class energiser will let you keep boxing until the cows come home.

 Kuka Cold Brew

This is cold brew done right. South American-inspired Kuka will transform your workout (or keep you going after) with their well balanced, rich, caffeine-filled magic. 

Barebells protein bars

Recover post-class with 100% chewable deliciousness. Barebells’ dreamy protein bars were born to satisfy both taste buds and abs. Made with 20g of protein and no added sugar, they’re more than delightful (particularly in flavours Cookies and Cream and Caramel Cashew).


The event itself was hosted by Carl Thompson, and you can check out this blog post about it here


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