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Move at Local Motion Studios

27 January, 2018

"Sitting is the new smoking"

Upstairs in Planet Organic Wandsworth, sits Local Motion Studios. This gem is a 'movement space', where you'll learn how to move and become strong and flexible across all planes of motion, with classes focusing on natural, functional movement, gymnastic strength and bodyweight training. 

There's a movement towards...well, movement...in the fitness industry (which we're 100% behind at Fitty). Think about it: typically we sit at desks all day slowly teaching our bodies to concave in, with many then going to the gym to sit bent over on spin bikes, treadmills or endless push and pull on chest press and single planes of motion. Local Motion is one of these brilliant studios pioneering this change, and you won't find any bulky fixed machinery inside it's light and airy spaces.


The workouts

Each of their classes incorporate what they believe to be the four essential elements to build a well-rounded movement practice: move, sculpt, stretch and breathe. From animal flow to gymnastics strength training, and their signature class called Tribe, there's something for everyone, and they're open to all abilities. You'll always see regulars there, which is a great sign. We've been to many of their gymnastics strength training classes, and we learn something new every time. They often put on workshops too which are brilliant – we took a handstand class there, and highly recommend keeping an eye out for future events.  


The digs

The studios are big spaces which are light and airy (which makes for some brilliant photography...just sayin'). There's a big rig for all kinds of hanging and calisthenics  and gymnastics training. Being above Planet Organic is brilliant, as you can pop downstairs after to refuel in their cafe (we always end up leaving with a big bag of goodies we promised ourselves we wouldn't buy). 


The dollar

 In February, they're offering a month of unlimited classes for £50. Usually you can either pay for a one-off class or a class pack, or a monthly membership starting at £49.


The location

 1st Floor (inside Planet Organic), 52 Garratt Lane, Wandsworth, SW18 4TF


The website


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