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L-Glutamine: the who, what and why

15 May, 2016

At Fitty HQ, we're in love with an awesome product from our buddies over at Neat Nutrition. It's their L-Glutamine tablets, and if you don't know what the devil that is, allow us to explain...

what is glutamine?

Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in our bodies, and we use it in huge amounts. As a building block of protein, it prevents muscle breakdown, and supports growth...even when we're burning fat in the gym – winning. (Side note: it's also amazing for leaky gut and overall gut health, because it's a vital nutrient that our intestines use to build and repair, AND it's good for immunity – triple win). 

But during intense training our stores of glutamine are hugely depleted, which decreases strength, stamina and recovery. It's said they can take six days to restock, and that's where consuming extra glutamine can help.

should I take it?

If your goal is to strip fat and keep muscle just in time for getting in those speedos or little bikini number this summer, then absolutely. It's got a massive thumbs up from us – we dig it so much that you'll find a tub (worth £20!) in The Austin Box this month. 



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