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Berry & Banana Protein Nice Cream

09 January, 2017

A healthier, protein-filled ice cream 

When you want an ice cream fix without the naughtiness, we've got your back! This 'nice cream' is made with a base of frozen bananas (which provide the creaminess), frozen berries, and Innermost protein (more on that below) which make this damn delicious and good for you. Oh stop it, no YOU'RE the best! No you hang up. 

Moving on, we've used Innermost's protein powder. They're a brand new company and we're stoked to feature their four superfood protein blends in our January box (called The Magnus because it's cool and fun to say). Their blends are made with nourishing protein, superfoods, stirtfoods and antioxidants, making them more than just a protein shake. 

'What are sirtfoods?' we hear you cry! 

They're particular foods that activate a class of proteins in humans (and living things) called sirtuins. These help protect cells from dying when under stress, and regulate tons of important biological processes like ageing, inflammation, and metabolism. For all the geeks out there, there are seven sirtuins in mammals (from SIRT1 to SIRT7), and you can find more research on them via our friend Mr Google.


Berry & Banana Protein Nice Cream

You'll need (this is a rough guide, we chuck it all in and hope for the best):
- 1 sachet Innermost Protein
- 2 large frozen bananas cut into coins
- 3 cups frozen berries
- 3/4 cup milk (we used almond milk)
- Fruit to decorate

1. Put the frozen banana into a blender, and blitz until it's nicely broken up.
2. Add the frozen berries and blitz briefly until they're looking nicely crushed.
3. Add the milk and protein powder and blend until smooth – you might need to add more milk.
4. Spoon into bowls and decorate until your heart's content.
5. Netflix and chill. 


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