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It's official: Fitty x Spartan Race

14 March, 2017

 We’re so proud to announce that we’ve become an official partner of Spartan Race: the world’s best obstacle race. Hell yes.
This summer will see 25,000 people running Spartan races, spread over five weekends (scroll down for dates). They offer three core races escalating in distance, obstacle count and challenge level, and they’re timed. It’s you vs you.



To conquer the world’s best obstacle race, you need to perform at your best – mentally and physically. And that’s where we come in. Together we’ve created The Spartan Box Series, and we'll be releasing editions in line with each race. Each box is designed to help you to train harder, recover quicker, and conquer your race. They'll be available to buy at the events, and online, and the first box will be released in a few week's time.
We’ll have a big Fitty tent in the festival area at every race, so we’ll see you when you cross the finish line. Four of the weekends are camping, and you can expect live music and all sorts of action – Spartan will be releasing more info soon.
Of course, we’ll be running the races too, and we’ll be documenting our training along the way. Stay tuned. Sign up. Join us.



What are you waiting for? Lock in a date, start training, and conquer something epic. Better yet, use code 'FITTY15' at www.spartanrace.uk and you’ll get 15% off your ticket. You can thank us at the finish line.




08 April: South East London
Race type: Sprint 

20-21 May: Gloucestershire
Race types: Sprint, Super, and Hurricane Heat Weekend

22-23 July: Edinburgh
Race types: Sprint, Beast, and Ultra Beast Weekend

02-03 September: Market Harborough
Race types: Sprint and Super Weekend 

30 Sept - 01 Oct: Windsor
Race types: Sprint and Beast Weekend  



5km+ loaded with 20+ obstacles. A great starter distance for beginners, or a test against time for the more advanced racer.
13km+ that are just as unforgiving as the 25+ obstacles that litter the distance.
Unleash the beast with a brutal 20km+ circuit, and more than 30 obstacles that try to keep you from your finish line.
And then there’s the endurance events:
Can you handle more? Meet the Ultra Beast (41+km, 60+ obstacles), Hurricane Heat (3-4 hours of grueling team building), Hurricane Heat 12 Hour, or the Agoge: a 60-hour event that builds physical, tactical, mental, and team-based strength through training, testing and evaluation.



So, what's it going to be? Commit to the finish line, and we'll see you there.

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