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Fix your posture with this 3-in-1 training tool

19 July, 2018

It's true: the Swedes know a thing or two about design. 

The human body was built for movement. But unfortunately, too many of us spend all day hunched over desks – even hunched over spin bikes in the evening, and it's not doing wonders for our posture. Enter Swedish Posture's Posture Trainer. 

This genius piece of kit is a unique three-in-one training tool for stretching, exercising, and improving posture (as the name suggests). We featured it in The Phoenix Box which has sold out, but lucky for you....

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Wear The Posture Trainer for 20 minutes (under or over clothes) while going about your day, and you can also use it for a huge range of stretches and exercises to improve strength, mobility, and to avoid back pain. Plus, it can be used to train legs and glutes too! Check out our video below:


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