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Enjoy 50% off Thriva's smart blood tests

07 May, 2018


Understand what's really going on inside your body with Thriva.

Ever thought about doing a blood test? When you get a true snapshot of your health and you know what you're lacking in (or have too much of), you can tweak your diet accordingly to boost your wellbeing and feel amazing. 

Think about it: cars have dashboards that that tell you what's happening out of sight, like warning signs about things that need our attention to prevent problems developing. Well, Thriva is the dashboard for your body. And it's a beautifully designed, easy to understand dashboard too. 


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Depending on whether you do the Baseline or Advanced test, you'll discover info on your cholesterol, liver function, ferritin (iron), vitamin D, vitamin B12, vitamin B9, and diabetes. Unless you test, how do you really know what's going on?


How Thriva works:

1: Order your kit from thriva.co, and it will arrive the next day.

2: Do your finger-prick blood test. When you're done, use the freepost envelope to send it to their lab.

3: Get your results in 48 hours, including a personalised report from a qualified GP. 


Try it for yourself at  thriva.co


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