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EXCLUSIVE: VITL DNA Nutrition test for £79

21 June, 2018

Unlock the secrets of your DNA

When you consider our love of science AND health, you can only image how excited we were to find out that VITL have recently launched their DNA Nutrition tests.

To find out how to work with your genes, you first need to know what they're telling you. And their test does just this. In fact it gives you insights on all these key genetic traits:

Metabolic rate • vitamin D levels • alcohol sensitivity • digestion & IBS • efficient use of dietary fat • the fat gene • caffeine metabolism • iron uptake • vitamin B12 uptake • fat vs muscle composition • folate levels • vitamin B6 uptake • Omega 3 & 6 metabolism • vitamin C uptake.


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 Not only is their kit (£199) half price right now, but you can get it for just £79 with code 'FITTYDNA'. To get yours, head to VITL

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