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The Running Box: Women's

Introducing our running box. Whether you run for the endorphins or the therapeutic pounding of your feet on the ground, this is the box to help you fuel, recover, and run more efficiently. 

Each item is a firm favourite of ours, and has been chosen to help you perform better – both mentally and physically – during your training sessions, workouts, and races. 

Worth over £60, The Running Box makes a brilliant present for both seasoned marathon runners and beginners alike. Remember: if you run, you’re a runner. 



Stance Socks
Stance blend crisp style with sophisticated technology, to make socks that are as uncommonly cool as the athletes who wear them. Now it’s your turn.

Westlab Muscle Spray
It’s Epsom salts but in a super handy on-the-go format. Simply shake to activate, before spraying directly onto sore muscles – think of it as natural first aid for achy muscles.

Chia Charge Protein Crispy
Meet the perfect high protein snack – it’s made with real ingredients with no wheat or dairy, it’s easy to digest, and it packs 20g of protein. Perfect for recovery!

GU Energy Gel
GU have been fuelling the endurance lifestyle since 1993, and their delightfully gooey gels pack energy-dense calories into a portal pack. You’ll have salted caramel, tri-berry, and strawberry and banana to enjoy.

Lemon Sole Shoe Spray 
Smelly shoes aren’t sexy, and they’re now a thing of the past! This 100% natural spray has six powerful essential oils to keep your shoes healthy, and it really works.

Online mobility course, with Rich Tidmarsh at Reach Fitness

Tight hips flexors and hamstrings are not your friend. You’ll get access to Rich Tidmarsh’s online mobility course to build flexibility and strength.

Tribe Infinity Energy Bar
Our friends at TRIBE make 100% natural performance products, and this best-selling nutrient-rich energy bar has 60% less sugar than competitors (and it’s darn delicious).

Clean Freek Bio-Armour24 

When your hands are grimy, sweaty or muddy, and you want to eat on-the-go, a pump of Bio-Armour24 is your answer. It’s like an invisible shield that protects you from picking up harmful bacteria and viruses.

Westlab Epsom Bath Salts

Westlab are the king of Epsom salts, which have long been a bathroom staple used by professional athletes and trainers, because of their ability to help detoxify and relax muscles.

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