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04 December, 2017

In December’s Fitty box you’ll find not one, but THREE spin classes (worth £60) at this brilliant studio.  If you don’t know One10 yet, they’re London’s first digitally-connected studio, who fuse indoor and outdoor cycling. In studio you can rack up your torque points and and develop the quick legs you need to keep a high cadence on the roads.  

 While the crisp chill of cycling outdoors is satisfyingly addictive, with these dark mornings and evenings, it’s important to stay safe. Luckily for you, Josh (concept director at One10) and Chloe (Paceline Instructor and ride leader for DirtyWknd) have some tips for you.

Josh Whiteley | @josh_whiteley_

One 10 Concept Director and Paceline instructor.


If you can, always try and ride with cleated shoes where possible. Cleats allow for a much better connection with the bike and allow you to actively pull and push on each stroke of the pedal, engaging all the muscle groups within the leg. Trainers will only allow for you to push down on the pedals. Properly fitted cleats allow for limited movement on the pedals which reduces the risk of injury and allows you to have a much more powerful efficient pedal stroke.


I never race with music as I find it distracting and hard to stay focused, however, if I have a particularly hard training session planned then I will always put some music on. I tend to train with music that brings back memories as this allows my mind to be elsewhere allowing me to push through those uncomfortable challenges and really push myself to the next level! I listen to Sweedish house mafia, ACDC and the occasional cheesy 80s rock ballad!! Next time you train, blast a tune that gets you absolutely pumped and you might just find you give a little bit more during your class and/or training session.



I always advise people to eat a balanced diet including Protein, Fats and Carbohydrates. People are really scared of calories and think that a juice is sufficient after training, IT IS NOT!! If you have trained very hard then you need to refuel with a nutrient rich meal. Real food is always better than shakes/juices so make a conscious effort to eat food after a workout and not a shake. The same goes for before a workout, if you have fuelled your body correctly throughout the day then you do not need any kind of pre-workout drink/shake.



We live in a world that revolves around social media where we have pictures of fitness "gurus" thrust in our face and it’s very easy to get caught up in the hype that you need to train twice a day and live of supplements YOU DON’T. Just remember that 99% of them do not look like that 99% of the time. You need a workout routine that’s sustainable which you can adhere to, there is nothing better for recovery than rest so make sure you have a couple of rest days a week and you might want to get a restorative yoga session in just to stretch out those muscles.


Listen to what your coach/instructor says, they know it’s not going to be an easy road. If you want to train hard then be prepared to give at least  7/10 for effort. An indoor cycling class is not meant to replace training on the roads, it’s purely to help improve how you perform outside and help build that endurance and strength. With this in mind, you need to work much MUCH harder inside than you would outside. Indoor cycling classes should be designed to push you to your absolute limits in order for you to see results and progression. What’s great about One 10 is that each bike is already linked to high-tech technology which tracks your efforts and moves in each class. This can be tracked through your own personalised account.


Chloe Trigg | @Chloe_inmotion

One 10 Paceline instructor and ride leader for DirtyWknd.



Relax your upper body! Cycling should all be driven from your core down, driving your heels and knees, engaging your hamstrings and glutes to create a smooth pedal stroke. The upper body should be relaxed, shoulders drawn down your back and away from your ears, rather than gripping the handlebars with all your might! We say this to ensure no energy or power is lost in the upper body, and that you are focusing effort through your stroke. It also avoids tension in your back, shoulders and neck, as well as reducing risk of injury from putting too much pressure down on your legs, by instead focusing on the pull.


It's not meant to be easy…but it is worth it! There will be moments during your ride or class that will challenge you and you will either want to turn your resistance down, or slow your legs, or both. It is in those moments that you will get the most benefit from carrying on. When we truly get out of our comfort zone, our body is forced to adapt and get stronger, this is when we realise what we are truly made of. Next time you feel the urge to quit, just remember: everything has an end, the challenge is only for a brief moment, test yourself and you will be amazed at what you can achieve if you put your mind to it!


Take note of your achievements. Thanks to some smart technology, you can easily keep track of your watts, speed, power, distance and everything in between –improvement is key and empowering! Seeing improvement and progression will encourage you to continue on your journey. Stay focused and aim to match or beat your last personal best. You'll be amazed at how quickly you become stronger!

#4 Q & A

Don’t be afraid to ask questions! We all love what we do and are avid cyclists ourselves, so never be afraid to ask us for any advice, tips or suggestions on your cycling and training.



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