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The Spartan Box: Edition 01

11 April, 2017

The Spartan Box: Edition 01

It's here: the first box in The Spartan Series. We proudly released it at the first race on Saturday 8th April, and they went down a storm. With an awesome selection of products, Edition 01 is designed to help you to train harder, recover quicker, and conquer your race. Nearly 600 Spartans got their hands on them, and we're releasing a very limited number online which you can pick up here.


Take a look inside...

Alchemy Organic Super Blends Energy Elixir | alchemysuperblends.com | @alchemysuperblends

Dr Will's Clean Tomato Ketchup | dr-wills.com | @doctor_wills

Dr. Coy's Nutritional Chocolate Bar | www.drcoys.ie | @drcoys

Spiced Nutrition | spicednutrition.com | @spicedpurpose

Rebel Kitchen Chai or Matcha Green Tea Coconut Milk | rebel-kitchen.com | @rebel_kitchen

Active Root | activeroot.co.uk | @active_root

Nutramino Lean Protein Shake | facebook.com/nutramino | @nutramino

Squirrel Sisters raw snack bar | squirrelsisters.com | @squirrelsisters

Dr. Coy's Chocolate Covered Almonds | www.drcoys.ie | @drcoys

Active Man £10 off voucher | theactiveman.com | @theactiveman


Toying with the idea of doing a Spartan race? You won't regret it – check out our blog post here. And stay tuned for the next editions to The Spartan Series.


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